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31 MCR-Related Journal Entries

Mon May 6, 2013, 11:08 AM

Everybody cries by Dahud

Summer is coming up, and now that you'll (hopefully) have some time to yourself, it's a great time to polish your writing skills. A good way to start is keeping a journal. Here are 31 MCR-related journal entries, one for each day of the month. Instead of the usual "fave song, fave member" prompts, I tried to make them a little interesting. If you actually do this, feel free to post them on DeviantART, Tumblr, etc. (If you want to print this, you can copy and paste it into a Word document and print it from there.)

1. Wow, some interviewers ask awful questions. It's your turn to ask what you really want to know. Imagine that you're interviewing one (or more) of the guys. What do you ask him? How do you think he'd respond?

2. Well, you've done it-- you've discovered the answer to one of the biggest mysteries about the band. What mystery did you solve, and what's the long-awaited answer?

3. An insider gives you one of the guys' (you choose which one) email address and password. You try it out, and lo and behold, you now have access to his email account. What do you do next? Read his emails? Leak some info to Tumblr? Log out and never return? Send some very interesting messages? Something else?

4. You run a popular MCR fan blog. One of the guys likes it so much that he joins Tumblr and submits a message for you and followers. What does it say? How do your followers react?

5. Write about any MCR dream(s) you've had. (If you haven't had any, write about one you want to have.)

6. Read any MCR fan fiction (slash or non-slash, whatever you prefer.) Write at least three positive things about it, and at least three ways the author could improve. (You don't have to share this with the author, but analyzing other people's strengths and weaknesses can help you improve your own writing. Spelling/grammar and personal taste-- i.e. "i don't like plots about depression"-- don't count.)

7. A friend of yours has recently discovered MCR. She loves the music, but doesn't know much about the fans. How do you describe the fandom to her?

8. Choose any MCR song and write a review for it, as if you were writing for a magazine. Pay attention to the quality and creativity of the music, lyrics, and vocals. (It doesn't have to be a song you love-- you can write a critical review of one you dislike.)

9. Imagine you run a successful MCR fan site. What resources do you offer fans? (If you actually do have this, write about what you hope to accomplish in the future.)

10. You're hosting a fan meetup, and at least 20 people will attend. What kind of activities do you have planned?

11. You're in charge of publishing an MCR fan art book. What kind of art and writing do you include? How do you divide the art into sections? (By subject, by genre, etc.) Who writes the introduction, and what do they write about?

12. You have to help one (or more) of the guys deal with a difficult real-life event (depression, being harassed by fans online, etc.) What do you tell him? (No disrespect to the guys intended. I'm not trying to make light of serious events. I just think we've all seen a situation where we wished we could help, and it can be cathartic to write about it.)

13. For the next 30 seconds, write about whatever pops into your head. Don't worry about it sounding silly or stupid, just write it. It's fun to see what your brain comes up with when you're not paying attention.

14. You're a chef at a restaurant that creates fandom-specific dishes. Your boss asks you to create an MCR-themed dish. What do you create? (If you're in a particularly creative mood, write more about this intriguing fandom restaurant and how it would work. And yes, you can include other fandoms you love. :dummy:)

15. MCR reunites for a brief period and collaborates with your favorite band/musician. What does their song sound like? Who sings? What are the lyrics about? What does the single cover look like? What's the music video like?

16. Good news: Gerard is accepting a fan letter. One fan letter. And you've been chosen to write the letter that will represent the fandom. What do you write? Do you let other fans have input?

17. You're pitching a Killjoy TV show to a major network. How do you describe it to them? What's the plot? Who are the characters? Why should they buy this show?

18. Choose any MCR photo or piece of fan art and develop a story behind it. (You don't have to write an entire fic, unless you want to. Just write a summary of the plot.)

19. Write about your strangest experience, your saddest experience, and your most surprising experience with the band and/or fandom.

20. Imagine that you had never found MCR. How would your life be different? Consider both the bad aspects and the good ones.

21. MCR songs are known for having several possible meanings. Choose one song and come up with at least three meanings. (They don't have to be original, you can mention meanings that you've heard before.) Which one is the most likely, and why?

22. Congratulations, you've been named director of an MCR movie. What's the title? Who will play the guys? What parts of their story will you include? What parts will you leave out? What will the movie poster look like? What songs will be on the soundtrack? Add as much detail about your movie as you want.

23. Imagine that 1,000 years from now, archaelogists uncover an MCR fan fiction. Not knowing that it's a work of fiction, they assume that it's a mythological text and 21st century people worshipped them as gods. What kind of "god" would each member be? How would they regard the fandom? What weird ideas about the band would people come up with? Would CDs and merchandise be displayed in museums as religious artifacts? Be creative.

24. You're developing an MCR video game. Which era do you focus on? What genre is it? (Roleplaying, multiplayer, fighting, etc.) What characters are in the game? What's the plotline? What can players do, and what's their ultimate goal?

25. Choose any significant event from MCR's history and write about it from one (or more) band member's point of view. Try to emulate his voice as much as possible.

26. There's not much poetry in the fandom. Write at least one MCR poem in any form (haiku, limerick, rhyming, free verse, etc.)

27. Imagine that MCR were a boy band. What would their music and concerts be like? How would the guys act? What would the fandom be like? Have fun with this one.

28. Look up the meaning of the names Gerard, Michael, Frank, and Ray. (There are plenty of baby name websites to help you out.) Do those names fit the guys? Why or why not?

29. Fandom apartments have arrived! The MCR fandom is going to move into a complex, and it's your job to assign fans to their rooms. But you don't want any fandom wars, so you're going to divide them into sections and put each section on a different floor. How do you divide the fandom up? (Get a little more creative than "frank lovers, gerard lovers, etc.", haha. Feel free to write more about this "fandom apartment" and what it would be like.)

30. The world now recognizes MCR Day as an official holiday. How do people celebrate? What are the customs? What day is it on? (I know we have International MCR Day, but imagine it as a real holiday, not just a fandom thing.)

31. Congratulations! You've made it through 31 days of writing. That's a huge accomplishment, and you've probably improved a lot, even if you don't see it. To celebrate, write about your most joyful MCR-related experience.

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